Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Ending

Recently I had a fortune cookie that said something to the effect of taking time for yourself will allow you to be more productive. Not that I put much weight into fortune cookies, but its interesting when things work out like that...

It really is amazing how when you take some time for yourself how different your outlook is. So my new strategy is working! The week started out pretty awful and is ending great!

Simple things like working out, reading for fun and not research, and NOT focusing on cranio but focusing on Hudson has made all the difference. A cherry on top was having a happy hour with my amazing co-workers. Thanks ladies!!! Thanks to my amazing husband who is always tell me, slow down babe, slow down. You don't even know how much I need that. Now I am curling up to one of my favorite movies Practical Magic to top it all off.

I am well on my way to worrying the "normal" amount that a mother should about her 5 month old baby; not worrying about my 5 month old baby with cranio.

What a great ending to the week! Happy Thursday everyone!



  1. I love you and thanks for being my rock too. :)

    PS Please tell Hudson thanks for all the smiles and giggles he gave me today. Aunt Morgan loves that little river very very much :)

  2. So glad we were able to have a happy hour! Any time you need one, we're all in! :)