Friday, August 12, 2011

Cranio Angels

"The Divine Kiss"
by Cindy Scofield

One day God was taking roll of all the precious souls who were eagerly awaiting their assignments on earth. The angels were helping these innocents to organize themselves and to prepare for the lifelong task at hand. Each of these precious children had to be perfectly placed so that they could achieve their true life tasks. A small group anxiously discussed where they thought they would end up. One by one, they received their purposes and were sent down to where they were needed. One was sent to a rich family and needed to use his resources to someday help a person in need. Another was sent to a poor family and needed to use his wellspring of happiness to cheer those around him. A little girl was sent to give her parents hope in all the heartache they had endured. Finally, a little boy was all that was left. Fearing that he did not have a place, he started to cry. God asked, “What was wrong my precious one? Since we are in heaven, your burden must be pretty great for you to shed tears.” The little boy explained, “You have given so many children a chance to make a difference in the lives of some special humans. Since I am still here, I fear that I will not have the opportunity to know what it is to be human.” God said, “My child, do not worry. You will have one of the biggest tasks of all. I wanted to send you last so that I could spend some time helping you to understand your true purpose. Your life as a human being will not have an easy start. Your little form will not be perfect, and you will face many uphill battles in your life because of your special conditions. I just want to send you with the knowledge that I have specially chosen you because of your strength of character and your stubbornness of will. I am confident that you will face these challenges head-on, and I know that you will only serve to uplift Me and those around you. You are a chosen one, and I will be right beside you the whole way.” The little boy felt better, but then he began to feel that the burden was too great for his small shoulders. God noticed the concern on that darling face and said, “My child, do not worry over your physical burdens. I am sending you to parents who will seek to make your life comfortable and happy. They are strong people who doubt themselves but will quickly take comfort in your courage. As a family, you will all learn from each other; and in turn, you will touch the lives of everyone else you contact. Please do not worry; you and yours will find plenty of strength in Me. I send you down with My kiss. Let the mark on your head be a constant reminder of this conversation and the love that surrounds you. I will be with you always.” The child arrived pristine to the open arms of his intended parents. In a very short time, God’s promises came true; and a few months later, God kissed that remarkable boy’s head. Since that fateful kiss, this brave little man has given courage, strength, and hope to all those who know his story; and he has only just begun. The angels in heaven rejoice.

Habakkuk 3:19 “The Lord God is my strength, and he will make my feet like hinds feet, and he will make me to walk upon mine high places.”

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