Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cranio Cap

We got our pirate hat from the Cranio Angel Network (a charitable awareness program providing handmade flower headbands for girls and pirate hats for boys with Craniosynostosis.)
I have a video about the amazing mom who does runs this program under the Awareness Tab.

It really brightened my day opening it and I couldn't wait to get it on his adorable little noggin. He is SO cute in it. MWAH baby boy.

It will be really nice after the surgery to put this on him on days that you just want to go to the grocery store without people starring at your babies head. I'm all for awareness but I can imagine that some days you just don't want the looks. I did see a funny shirt for Cranio gear that said "Keep Starring, We Haven't Been Through Enough Yet". Cracked me up but I know people will just look because they are curious. The scar is going to be pretty noticeable before his hair fills in. Another great reason to raise awareness and understanding :)

Great Day!

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  1. That shirt is amazing LOL...I think I would put it on him, even if he's wearing the cap, just to see peoples reaction to it LOL!!!