Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Collectors Items ... Hospital Bracelets?

We have been guilty of wanting to hold onto every little thing related to Hudson ... like many parents fall into. Keeping even the little things makes you feel like you can hold on to those cherished, fleeting moments. Yep ... HORDING! I have always been one to throw away everything, until becoming a parent. Its a sickness! I remember when we got his first hospital bracelet we said we better keep this for the baby book. Even the second, third. But now we have a growing collection of hospital bracelets and its time to start tossing.

He had his first round of blood work today, poooorrr baby. We met with the hematologist and had his first round of blood work today. We will be having appointments once a week to give him shots of procrit to increase his blood cells. Then they draw blood to test that the procrit is working. A very important step leading into surgery so he doesn't loose too much blood. We will also be giving him iron supplements. This is really happening soon! Surgery is 6 weeks from today. Man my fingers just stuttered as I tried to type 6 months vs. 6 WEEKS.

As I picked Hudson up from daycare all the kids gave him hugs and kisses goodbye. Although Hudson is the little super star of daycare, this was extra special treatment today. It melted my heart to know they all knew he had a rough day and although I couldn't be there to comfort him that he was in great company. Those kids LOVE him.

That is something else we have been collecting... lots of love and support. THANK YOU so much! I can't tell you how much it means to us to have your support. Family, friends, co-workers and strangers!

We will be surrounded by everyone in one big room very soon due to the benefit next Friday.
We are really looking forward to seeing everyone there! I plan on collecting lots of hugs that day and taking them with me to Dallas to give to Hudson. It will be so nice to have that memory to reflect on when we are so far away from everyone.

Lots of Love back at cha!
The Ravens


  1. Hudson is a superstar everywhere he goes. I can't wait to see everyone next week!

  2. How crazy...I didn't realize how something that everyone keeps from when they have their child can become something you don't want. I love the way you have come to look at all aspects of this process, and are finding your way through a step at a time. Sometimes you mistep, and sometimes you jump three ahead. Progress Progress you Raven Bears :)