Thursday, October 27, 2011


Friday our pediatrician told us to get Hudson tested for Strider, a breathing condition separate from. This is unrelated to cranio. Strider can be something really small that can easily be treated. BUT it could also mean another surgery before the cranio surgery.

Oh Yeah... I had a breakdown! Full on dramatic, embarrassing breakdown. And ya know it never happens in a place that is acceptable for breakdowns. Wheeeere did I decide I had finally had enough and couldn't take another medical issue. At work! Yep at work!

Soooo... after my pathetic F the world, F medical problems F THIS! We found out on Monday he does not have strider. So I rejoiced and then my blushed cheeks thought, maaaayyyybeee I over reacted. Just a tad. LOL. Thank you to Schylur who pulled me together at work ... again! Thank you to Erin, Morgan, Audrey for letting me vent and ramble and F the world. Thank you to Shawna who told me her daughter just had it and talked me through what they did and what to possibly expect. Thank you to Bri and Kyle for letting us crash in on your dinner at Panzons when Matt and I decided we just needed to get out. Thank you to pooooorrrr Web who drove to Maloneys only to realize the next day we never went there! SO SORRY!

So after all of this Hudson is NOW sleeping through the night! I swear a light has turned on inside me and the crazy has checked out. Turns out 7 months of no sleep effects your emotions. Who Knew! LOL. Now in the light of day I feel so amazing. My spirits are lifted and while I still can't take another medical issue right now with Hudson I am as prepared as I will ever be for surgery. Well.... at least today.

In the meantime fuuulllll speeeeed ahead working on the benefit. 14 days away! So excited to see everyone come out and enjoy a night on the town with us before surgery. As the marketing and advertising woman in me I will tell you GO GET YOUR TICKETS!
On second thought, maybe that's why I am not running communications. But for reals we need to know head count so we plenty of food. If you can just come for a drink or want to have a night on the town, your support means the world to us!

See ya soon!

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  1. Yeah! So glad to hear that strider is out and sleep is back in!! Hey, sometimes you just need to cry and freak out - you can't keep that bottled up sista!! Can't wait til the 11th! Love ya, Shawna