Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Successful Doctors Visit ... Everything Happens For a Reason

 I could not have asked for a better doctors visit!!!

I was filled with anxiety when we showed up to Medical City. I had promised the ladies with WCF (the World Cranio Foundation) that we would stop by before our visit. They were so wonderful and a I shed a couple of nervous tears with them before heading to our appointment. The gave us a quilt took some photos of Hudson and were kind enough to let us change his stinky butt in their office! LOL.

As soon as I went into the waiting room I saw a couple faces I recognized. They were a couple from Kansas I had never met them but was told about their story through my friend Keri. SMALL world! What are the odds? They were so incredibly calm and reassuring to us and they were the ones going through surgery tomorrow. Incredible people! After their appointment they said everything happens for a reason and to stay in touch and we fully plan on it. I am so taken back by their strength and kindness.

There was another man who has a type of cancer that has only been seen 50 times in 10 years. Doctor Fearon has given him 5 more years than he was expected to live. Hearing his perspective on why things happen, how blessed he felt with such a full life and if it was his time to go that he knew where he was going. He rambled off the most beautiful prayer off the cuff for Hudson before his appointment. He said I don't know where that came from it just rolled out. He also said Everything Happens for a Reason.

That waiting room was so full of love and reassurance, it truly was spiritual. It took me back to think ... really WHAT ARE THE ODDS?

What are the odds that we found Dr. Fearon?
If anything different happened along the way we would have been with a doctor who wouldn't have given the best results. The way cranio surgery is performed is NOT created equal. The procedures and results can very dramatically from surgeon to surgeon.

If our pediatrician hadn't caught it when she did, if we didn't meet with the KC plastic surgeon who referred us to Dr. Fearon instead of going with a local surgeon ... Hudsons outcome would have been completely different! We owe the big guy upstairs a HUGE thank you for leading us through this. Everything Happens For a Reason and I am so thankful that I am now able to step back and see that while I don't have control over this situation, that someone bigger and better does.

Meeting Dr. Fearon was so amazing. I am incredibly confident he is the best and only surgeon that I want for Hudson. Everything he does is in the best interest of his patience. He told us about the procedure and WHY he does everything he does. The things he has learned from experience and research. I had a whole list of questions but he answered before I even asked plus more. He is truly a brilliant! He will track Hudson and said "I want to grow up with him".

I have never felt better about all of this than I do right now. Our date is Dec. 14th!!! I am so ready to have all of this behind us.


  1. I am crying!! So happy everything went SO well on your trip! I am a huge believer in "everything happens for a reason" for sure! Marking December 14th down on my calendar right now. Love you guys, Shawna

  2. I love you guys so much. I look at these pictures and hear this story and I am so grateful that God has shown himself so clearly when you needed it most. He brought you this far, and I know he will be there the whole way. Ok now I'm crying like a baby. Man I need to take some tough lessons from Hudson :)

  3. Reading this to myself in a room full of 7th graders....tears rolling down my face - that's good stuff. We are so happy your trip was so successful, and that Hudson is in the best hands possible - that is God's and the Dr's. Everything does happen for a reason, and everything will work out just fine.

  4. I know everyone has said it already but I am just so happy that everything went well, we love you guys so much! You guys are always in our thoughts and prayers!!