Monday, October 3, 2011

Pay It Forward

I'm so excited to be able to do my part to raise awareness of Craniosynostosis. Ever since I found out about Hudsons diagnosis I kept dwelling in the WHY? Why me? Why my baby? And honestly sometimes I still get stuck in that place in my mind.

I have seen many amazing women through use their talents to help out with cranio awareness and to ease the fear and anxiety of the newly diagnosed. Like the cranioangel network... a mom who needed to fill her time with something other than worry. So she sends out headbands and cranio caps to help brighten a cranio families day. I still remember how excited I was to get ours in the mail. Or the craniocarebears, sending care packages to families going through surgery. Or the mom who wrote the beautiful poem that I have as a post on this blog. Or even just the women on who are an ear to listen to you. Your fears, sadness, and sending prayers through surgery. These women stay logged on long past their kids surgeries just to pay it forward. I find them so amazing! True heros.

Finally I have found a way that I can give back. I have been trying to use my creativity to hopefully make an impact on cranio awarness. Its just a logo and a brand but it gives cranio a whole new look and feel. It was a challenge to make sure it wasn't too harsh but not to cutesy either. I feel I found a good balance of honesty and sweetness. I hope to someday make shirts and onesies that other cranio parents can wear with pride.

This brand I have developed is for our benefit to raise awareness, help with our medical expenses and to help other families through the Craniofacial World Foundation. Some of which don't have any insurance. We are still in the midst of the crazy insurance world but at least we have someone to battle with.

All of this has kept my mind off the fact that we go to Dallas on Sunday. GOD on Sunday. Thinking about it puts a burn in my eye as I hold back the tears. No matter what I do, the day is coming sooner than I will be ready for, that we will be putting our baby in the hands of another. In the doctors hands holds my whole life, my baby. I am getting ready to shake those hands in a matter of days. Hopefully I can stay steady and get some answers. I want to see how he interacts with Hudson and I pray Hudson charms his socks off! My cousin Ashely got Hudson a shirt that says, I'm Stronger Than I Look, which I adore! Hudson is going to wear that to meet the dr. and help us make an impression. Thanks Ash!!!

As you can tell this benefit is more than just helping us financially, awareness, or helping the WCF... Its a way to give back and pay forward all the kindness that has been shown to me. Its giving me peace of mind. Its letting me pretend my biggest fear is no one attending the benefit. Its just heaven sent.

Check out for the benefit. We appreciate any help in promoting this event.

Wish us luck in meeting the doctor!


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