Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"What I wish I would have known before surgery"

This was a post on the craniokids.org site that is such a great sneak peak of what to expect.

"What I wish I would have known before surgery""

~No matter HOW many photos I see of other swollen babies it is totally different seeing MY baby swollen like that! Even though I had been told this many times, I did not believe it and thought I was prepared. BELIEVE IT...IT IS TRUE!!

~Don't over pack...I lugged a million shirts with me b/c I was afraid that Quintin would puke a lot. He never puked and I only used 4 of the 15 shirts I packed!!

~Handing Quintin over WAS NOT the hardest thing to do (as I though it was going to be) WAITING for surgery was actually the hardest part. I was relieved to hand him over and get it done with!

~I didn't realize how tough it was to have Quintin's eyes shut for 3 days. All the photos I see of babies with their eyes swollen shut make them look so "peaceful" when actually they are SO frustrated. I learned to use my voice all the time and to constantly talk to Quintin so he could hear where I was at all times since he could not see me.

~I just happened to have Amy's phone number with me (little Camden's mom)...who had surgery at the same place with Dr. Fearon 5 weeks prior. It was so nice to be able to call her during surgery to confirm if all of my feelings were normal and to ask questions. Try to have one or two craniomom's phone numbers with you. I will offer mine to anyone who wants it...just send me a PM.

~I also did not realize how "jumpy" Quintin would be for a week or so after surgery. He basically had to regain trust in us that he wouldn't be hurt anymore. He had been poked and prodded and had IV's flushed and ripped out for 3 days all while his eyes were swollen shut. Therefore, he never knew if the next touch was going to be a good one or a painful one since he could not see. Even after his eyes opened, he wuld fuss with the slightest touch...even changing diapers. But, a week of very gentle handling reassured that the pain was over!!

~Yes...it IS normal to think, "Man...am I ever going to have "my baby" back???" and yes...you will!!! I promise!!

~Yes..it IS normal to think that perhaps the operation was a mistake right after surgery...and maybe into the first post-op weeks. I promise...you will change your mind and it is worth it!!

~I never knew HOW GOOD that first peek would feel once I looked down and saw Quinny's beautiful eyes looking back at me...then the first smile happened shortly after.

- Don't forget to think about YOURSELF! You need to make sure you eat, sleep, change and shower if you want to be able to be there for your baby

- Just because their eyes are swollen shut doesn't mean they are any different! Bring their favorite toys with familiar touches, smells and sounds. They are comforting.

- (especially for metopics) THEIR EYES WILL BE THE SAME SHAPE AGAIN!!!!!! It took MONTHS for Azia's big round eyes to come back and I had resigned myself that they were lost forever but they DO COME BACK!!!

- The swelling takes months to fully go away. Yes it does. Yes it looks like he/she is no longer swollen at 3 weeks but take a picture and look again in another month and you will see!

- Sleep will be disrupted. Yes it WILL! But it will go back to normal eventually!!! 

Don't know what I would do without these ladies!

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  1. It's sooo helpful to have people that can relate! I don't know what I'd do without the cranio mom info you relay :) It even makes me feel more prepared :) You guys are tough stuff!