Monday, December 12, 2011

Strength, Wisdom, Protection

Today we met with our Neurosurgeon, Dr. Swift at Children's Medical City. We waited for an hour in the waiting room. During that time a little boy who was so full of life was zipping around on a scooter. He came up to me and asked if I would help him take off his hoodie. After I did he said, thank you mam may I kiss your hand? After that I was all his. I asked what his name was but he looked over to his mom with a confused look. She said he doesn't hear well. I could tell that was just one of his challenges but you wouldn't know it by his sweet optimistic demeanor.We played tick tack toe and other games while we waited.

Our meeting with Dr. Swift was brief but I feel confident that he will do a wonderful job. He told us about the risks for blood transfusion but that we have done all the precautionary steps to try to avoid it. He told us his role in surgery... to take the skull off his brain and put it back on after Dr. Fearon reshapes it. He told us what a happy sweet boy we have and he said he liked the name b/c he lived near the Hudson river for a long time.

After the appointment I was feeling a little low with the reality of it all. Even though I didn't learn anything new at the appointment the gravity of the surgery was weighing heavily on me. We went to eat at Panera. While we were eating an old man came up to us and told us what a blessing our child was. Hudson was sleeping in his carseat and all bundled up so you couldn't even see his face. Then he told us that he recently got out of the hospital for cancer that he shouldn't have survived. He gave us a card that says "God is with you... Rain or Shine. Never Will I leave You. Never Will I forsake You." He told us how God has touched his life and again said what a blessing our beautiful baby is.

After he left Matt and I looked at each other a little shocked. I asked if he had told the man about Hudson? He said no. We sat a little surprised. As we went to leave the old man again stopped us and told Matt how blessed he is to have such a beautiful wife (good taste) and beautiful baby and that God is important in our lives. As we went out to the car he gave us 3 pieces of paper that were prayers. Prayer for Strength, Gods Promise of Protection, Prayer for Wisdom.

Part of the Prayer for Strength that hit home to me was ... Lord I am so tired. I just can't do this anymore... That's right. You can't. Now... will you let me?

I just feel very humbled by the whole experience. I kept thinking how did this man know exactly the 3 things we need most are strength, wisdom and protection. I'm humbled and amazed!

Please keep the prayers coming because they are being answered.


  1. WOWZERS! Always when you need it most he will be there. This week especially. Day 2 down, and on to the next! Cant wait till your home!!

  2. Wow! I got goosebumps reading that! God works in mysterious ways and sends people into your lives when you least expect it. Even if the interactions with these "angels" is brief, they are profound.

    Sending prayers and thoughts to you all. Hudson will do a great! I know it!